Saturday, March 22, 2014

Avengers name frame - baby shower gift

Hi, The weather here has been amazing but can you believe they are predicting we will have snow Monday night or Tuesday!  CRAZY!!

Here is another project I did for a baby shower gift.  Didn't really know about it until Friday morning and the shower was Sat at 2:00. So off to the craft room I went.  All I knew was she wanted to have an Avengers theme.  I searched all morning (more like all day) Friday looking for the files I needed. I was about to quite when I finally found them at .  I changed ideas several times - my little mind was on overload.  Whew, now to start the fun!

And can you believe it - I remember to take a before pix!!

Here is before:

WOW can you say 70's classic!

There was no glass to this frame but I didn't even think about that until later.  Goodness!

I worked non-stop till my daughter had to leave at 1:30 Sat. I mean I was still trying to do stuff to it practically as she was walking out the door.

N-t-way:  Here is the finished product.  Hope you like it.

Hulk - Captain America - IronMan (her favorite) and Thor

Well, that's all for now.  Now I have to clean my room and figure out what I want to do next!!  

God bless!

Oh, I do want to thank the Lord a million times for His protection for my husband this past week.  His truck was totaled in an accident where another car hit his truck, it rolled 2 times, and landed up-side-down.  He walked away with just a few scratches.  Without God's grace, mercy, and hand of protection, that day and the rest of lives could have been very different.  Thank you Lord!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Disney Quote in a Frame with extras

Goodness, two posts in one day - this must be a record for me.

I had an order to put a Disney quote on a frame for a friend.  This is what I came up with.  In case you can't read it, it says, "The most important thing is Family".

I created the red dot paper because Minnie wears red polka-dot dresses sometimes and I wanted to play off that design.  Oh, they have red furniture in their living room so no worries about the red frame. It was white but I painted it so it would match.

Then I wanted to give them something extra to go with it.  My first thought was two small black frames; one with a mustache and one with red lips.  I went to the closet to search for the frames and this is the first thing I saw.  

Then I said, "Hummmm.  Round, black, yeah I think I can do something with this."  

I knew I could put 'the ears' on it (gotta love hot glue). I covered the letter with black paint.  I still wanted to use the stache and lips idea so I cut them out of paper for a trail run.  The problem was the mustache was black and you couldn't see it.  I tried a white shadow but that looked a little funny.  I showed it to my daughter and she said 'NO!'.  Didn't like it at all.  sigh   She said why don't you but their monogram on it!!  ding ding ding  I like it!  Back to my cave - I mean craft room I went.  Found a font I liked, did a few more paper mock-ups, got it the way I (and my daughter) liked it, then finished it up.  But they needed something else. I knew Minnie had to have a red dotted bow to match the frame so I did that. But what to put on Mickey?  My daughter to the rescue again!  "Mom, he wears a bow tie at Disney World."  Great idea.  Sooo, after all that, here is the rest of their gift.

All of it together!  Of course, she can put it on her wall any way she wants to.
I just did it this way for the picture.  

Hope they like them!!!  Hot Dog!!

My first 3D project and my first entry into a challenge.  Unfortunately, I used the wrong company file for the challenge so I have to find the correct file and create something else.  Oh well, back to my craft room I go.  N-t-way - here's my project.  It's a box.  The part where the scalloped band is, lifts off.  It was so fun to make.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Craft Room

I've been working in my craft room for several days.  I wanted to show you the border I created.

It makes me happy!